Your Time Machine Drive Just Filled Up. What Should You Do?

It’s inevitable — your Time Machine backup drive is going to fill up. Time Machine is smart about backing up only files that have changed, but after months or years of usage, the drive will run out of space. What happens then? Before we explain, some background. On its first backup, Time Machine copies everything […]

(A Few of) My Favorite Things

As an Amazon Associate, Ask Adam earns from qualifying purchases. All of the products listed here have been reviewed independently, and most of them are things I use personally. A great backup drive The Time Machine backup drive I recommend is the Seagate Ultra Touch 2 TB. This drive is the right capacity for most […]


Everybody needs backup. The easiest way to back up your Mac right now is to sign up with Backblaze. You can begin backing up in seconds, without even sharing your credit card info. I use Backblaze on all my Macs and almost all of my clients do too. You can get started with Backblaze by […]