Apple Is Shutting Down My Photo Stream — Switch to iCloud Photos

Apple is shutting down the My Photo Stream service, the company’s first iCloud-based effort at helping users sync photos between devices.

Integrate Your Cloud Storage Service into the Finder

Many organizations have adopted cloud storage services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive for excellent reasons. If you’re not working with your cloud storage files directly in your Finder, here’s how to set that up.

Looking for a New Email Provider? Try These Services

If you’re completely happy with your email provider, move on, there’s nothing to see here. But if you’re unhappy with your provider’s reliability, spam filtering, or stability as a business — or if you’re tired of having a 1990s-style address from or — you can switch. There are innumerable email providers, and many […]

Apple’s Greatest Hits

A bunch of handy Apple Support articles

Plan for the Future by Establishing a Legacy Contact

Have you heard the expression “hit by a bus”? It’s a somewhat macabre attempt to inject a little levity into planning for the unthinkable event of dying without warning. No one expects to be hit by a bus, but people do die unexpectedly in all sorts of ways. That’s terrible, of course, but it’s also […]

Need to Merge Photos Libraries? Here Are Your Options

Photos makes it easy to create and switch between libraries. That’s good when photos need to be kept completely separate. For instance, an interior designer might want to keep personal photos separate from photos taken for work. But too much separation is annoying — you have to keep switching between libraries, and it’s easy to […]