Personal Consulting Rates

for individuals, families, home offices & micro businesses

If you need an Apple expert to help you solve tech problems, build your skills and confidence, improve your security, upgrade your home network, set up a new Mac, Ask Adam can help.

I offer personal support using an equitable pricing model (with rates named after apple varieties 🍏) in order to make my services as broadly accessible as possible.


The standard suggested rate for Personal Consulting is $185/hr. A lower (or higher!) rate might be more appropriate for you based on your situation. Please review the options below and decide what works for you.

🌞 Suncrisp, $235/hr or more, in support of equitable access

suggested if the following describes your situation best:

  • I don’t worry about meeting my needs.
  • I have more than one car, or can easily access comfortable, convenient private transportation.
  • I own one or more homes, or choose to rent a comfortable property.
  • I work a job with a high salary, or I do not need to work to meet my needs.
  • I have ample discretionary income and regularly spend money on things I want.
  • I have investments, retirement accounts, inherited money, or access to generational wealth.
  • My identities (race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, etc) have mostly created access rather than barriers to my earning potential.
  • I can travel for pleasure without sacrificing.
  • I can give significant amounts of money to philanthropic causes on a regular basis without causing a strain on my finances.
  • I want to help folks with fewer resources access technology support services.
🍯 Honeycrisp: $160-$230/hr, as you value the assistance
($185 suggested)

if the following describes your situation best:

  • I don’t stress about meeting my basic needs.
  • I have reliable private transportation.
  • I own my home or rent without worrying about the payments.
  • I may have some debt, but I am confident that I will pay it off over time.
  • I have a job that pays me enough to live without excessive financial worry, or I am retired with a secure income that meets all my needs.
  • I have discretionary income to spend on coffee shops, bookstores, entertainment, and clothes without careful budgeting. I can enjoy luxuries, but only occasionally and selectively
  • I am able to take vacations or travel to see friends and family regularly.
🎉 Gala: $95–$155/hr, as you find equitable
($135 suggested)

if the following describes your situation best:

  • I might have some financial stress, but my basic needs are met on a regular basis.
  • I have access to transportation.
  • I am employed or retired with some sources of income.
  • I have enough discretionary income to get things I want, like going out to eat, or buying something new, but I must budget or plan such spending.
  • If I have an unexpectedly large expense, it will be challenging to accommodate my budget, but I think I can handle it.
  • I can vacation/travel recreationally every year or two.
🗻 Fuji: $30–$90/hr, as you are able
($75 suggested)

suggested if the following describes your situation best:

  • I frequently stress about meeting basic needs & don’t always achieve them.
  • I have debt and it sometimes prohibits me from meeting my basic needs.
  • I meet my needs with the help of government assistance, thrift stores, food pantries, and/or mutual aid programs.
  • I do not have reliable transportation.
  • I have no access to savings.
  • I am unemployed or underemployed.
  • I can’t vacation or travel to see friends and family.

Onsite Support

I charge a 1-hour minimum for support at your home or home office. When travel time is more than 30 minutes one-way, my charge may include the time required to reach your location.

Digital Support

Digital Support is provided by phone, videoconference, and screen sharing as appropriate. Digital Support is billed at our established rate with a half-hour minimum.

Support Plans

Ask Adam Support Plans allow me to keep your Mac and apps updated, secure, and backed up. More info is available upon request.

Emergency Support

When an issue requires urgent attention, I make every effort to respond as soon as possible. Emergency support may incur a surcharge.

Please understand that it’s not always possible to provide immediate service. If you’re in crisis and I can’t help, I’ll do my best to put you in touch with a trusted colleague.

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