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Ask Adam offers comprehensive Apple-focused computer support for small businesses aimed at keeping your Macs, iPhones, and iPads fully operational and optimized. Our managed services plans include monitoring, software updates, scheduled maintenance, security, backups, and quarterly checkups. We also provide onsite support, strategic planning, and special project support at an hourly rate.

Ask Adam can provide guidance and support for your business website, email, and social media as well.

The foundation of our managed service plan is Beacon Plus for Business.

Beacon Plus for Business

Beacon Plus provides 24/7 monitoring for your macOS hardware and software systems with lightweight integrity tests which run every hour to verify hard drive capacity and health, backup status, battery capacity, system uptime, and more. When a problem is found, an email alert notifies us immediately. Monitoring allows us to proactively identify issues and fix them before they cost you downtime. Beacon also reports technical specs, such as OS version, amount of RAM, Mac model, and serial number, so we can advise you about software and hardware upgrades.

In addition to monitoring, Beacon Plus maintains your Macs automatically, without interrupting your work. Routine maintenance happens automatically when your Mac is idle: software and security updates, anti-virus scans, and permission repairs. More critical tasks like removing malware, filesystem repairs, and cache cleaning are also done for you. Beacon Plus proactively prevents many issues, and reduces troubleshooting time when support is required.

Beacon Plus for Business includes automatic unlimited cloud backup for each covered Mac.

Onsite and remote support is provided at a significantly discounted hourly rate.

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