About Adam

Photo of an Apple II+ with Apple monitor and two external disk drives

Adam was born in California at the dawn of the personal computer revolution in 1975. He cut his teeth on an Apple ][+, and was the first student in his elementary school to hand in printed homework rather than hand-written. He graduated from a top-ranked public magnet school for science and technology in Fairfax, Virginia — the first high school to host a supercomputer, and one of the first 100 .edu websites on the internet — enabling him to discover the joys and horrors of email as early as 1992. He attended Hampshire College in Massachusetts, where he hosted a website on a PowerMac 7100 in his dorm room which was listed in the Yahoo! Directory. Adam spent more time writing HTML than writing papers and left college to help the National Education Association launch its first website.

Adam is an Apple Certified Support Professional and a member of the Apple Consultants Network, with 25 years’ experience supporting people and technology.

I love helping people and computers get along better. Personal technology magnifies our ability to connect with people, share ideas, and express our creativity. But many of us feel at the mercy of our devices. Instant communication and endless streams of information challenge our ability to maintain a lifestyle of our choosing.

I focus on ways technology can work for people, rather than the other way round. I help people set boundaries, take control, and develop mindfulness with their gadgets so they can have healthy human relationships.