Software Updates

If your Mac supports it, you should be running macOS Monterey 12.6. Your iPhone should be running 16.0.2, and your iPad should have the latest version of iPadOS, 15.7.

It’s critical to keep your operating system and applications up to date. Turn on automatic updates for your operating system and App Store apps, and restart your computer frequently to allow other apps to check for updates.

Recommended versions of Apple operating systems:

macOS: Monterey 12.6 (or later)

If your Mac supports it, you should be running macOS Monterey 12.6 or newer. If you have an older Mac, you should be running macOS Big Sur 11.7 with all Security Updates installed, and Safari 16. If your Mac can’t run Big Sur, you need to get a new Mac.

To see what version of macOS you have, click on the Apple menu and choose “About This Mac”.

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What’s new in the updates for macOS Monterey

Screenshot of macOS System Preferences > Software Update > Advanced with automatic updates enabled

iOS: 16.0.2, iPadOS: 15.7 (or later)

Your iPhone and iPad should be running the latest versions of iOS & iPadOS. The latest iOS for iPhone is 16.0.2. iPadOS is running late, this year so the latest version is 15.7.

If your device is too old to be updated, it should be replaced.

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About iOS 15 Updates

Screenshot of iOS Settings > > General > Software Update > Automatic Updates with automatic updates enabled

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