Understanding Apple’s First Rapid Security Response

Security Basics

Four things you should do to keep yourself safe online.

Software Updates

Ask Adam’s recommended macOS and iOS versions

How to Take the Annoyance Out of Passwords and Passcodes

We constantly say, “Use a password manager!” for good reason. Password managers make it easy to generate, store, and enter strong passwords. You don’t have to worry about whether your password is strong enough, remember it, and type it carefully every time you log in to a website. Seriously, just get 1Password, or at least […]

When Asking about Phishing Email, Make Sure to Write Separately Too

If you’re forwarding a possible phishing email to us for evaluation, remember that spam filters often catch such messages. To make sure we see it, send a separate message saying you’ve forwarded something that might be a phishing message.

Getting Started with 1Password

We always recommend that everyone use a password manager like 1Password instead of attempting to memorize (or write down) passwords. Although there are other password managers, 1Password is the best solution for Apple users, thanks to a focus on macOS and iOS from its earliest days. 1Password offers plenty of benefits, including: Automatic generation of […]