If a process shrink can make the A5X fit elegantly into an iPad Mini, a Retina model is much closer than I originally thought, almost certainly able to come out this year. Marco Arment: More on that new Apple TV’s likely SOC

It wasn’t magic, it was hard work, thoughtful design, and constant iteration. Glenn Reid: What it’s Really Like Working with Steve Jobs

Apple Inc. topped the list at midday [Monday] for Buying on Weakness, which tracks stocks that fell in price but had the largest inflow of money. Apple, United Parcel Service: Money Flow Leaders (AAPL, UPS) – WSJ.com

Hey Apple, let’s make this a rule “no application should be able to take control over your active window when you’re typing in it” OK? — kyle cassidy (@kylecassidy) November 28, 2012

At the 1983 International Design Conference at Aspen, a young Steve Jobs predicted that within two years, the market would see more computers than automobiles. He also said the computers would likely be poorly designed, though they didn’t have to be. It was difficult for the audience to understand the deep sense in which he […]

How do you turn off data collection in Apple Maps? Comment on Daring Fireball (with Comments!): Google Maps for iPhone (Daring Fireball with Comments requires an extension for Safari or Google Chrome)

There’s a pattern in our industry: Apple crystallizes the product, and the minute Apple crystallizes it, then everyone knows how to compete. Apple TV Is Coming In 2014, And Everyone Is Going To Copy It, Says Marc Andreessen (Yahoo! Finance)

I am guilty of all the smartphone sins—in essence, staring at the phone when you should be staring at life. It’s possible that the act of taking a picture has such appeal because it manages to do several opposing things at once—I am allowed to pet the phone, to let the phone flatter me with […]

The iPhone is doing to the mobile world what the browser did to the wireline world. Juniper Networks’ founder Pradeep Sindhu to Om Malik

Currently, the latest iTunes revision is delayed. I wonder if it’s because of the transition due to Ive doing a design review of it, technical issues, a combination of both or a third, unknown business-related reason (e.g., licensing, social media partnership terms, etc.). My hope is that it’s delayed because of design issues and Ive […]