If Mail Fails to Send, Try, Try Again (Instead of Changing Servers)

Sometimes, something goes wrong, causing Mail on the Mac to have trouble sending a message. When it does, you may see an error like the one below, encouraging you with a default button to try another configured server. Don’t do it! […]

How to Turn Mail’s Rich Website Previews into Plain Links

Sometimes apps can be too helpful. Apple’s Mail on the Mac likes to turn pasted URLs into graphically rich previews, and sometimes that’s OK. But you may want to send a plain link, so the recipient can see its text.

Archive Email to Avoid Mail Quotas, Improve Performance, and Reduce Clutter

Would you be distraught if you lost your email? Do you need to reduce server usage to stay under a mail quota? Or perhaps you need a copy of a previous employee’s communications. The answer is email archiving.