The vast majority of workers in all industries work harder every day of the week than the vast majority of workers in the United States and other developed nations. That is a fact we must all confront, and which has been highlighted more in the last two years than the last two decades. It is […]

There is a counterpart to you in China who is looking at the iPhone and approving of the fact that its hardware is made in China, but disapproving of the fact that its software is made in California, where there is a racist government, hundreds of thousands of innocent people in jail, and where people […]

Software patents should be abolished, plain and simple. Software is already covered by copyright, making patent protection unnecessary. Ask any programmer — developing software is as creative and unique as writing poetry. A Patent Lie: How Yahoo Weaponized My Work by Andy Baio

Most of our competitors are interesting in doing something different, or want to appear new — I think those are completely the wrong goals. A product has to be genuinely better. Sir Jonathan Ive interviewed in the London Evening Standard

It just seemed so obvious to me that it had to be a touch screen. And it had to be portable. It had to fit in an attaché case. It had to be comfortable to hold. That was the idea. For tablet computer visionary Roger Fidler, a lot of what-ifs – The Washington Post

Apple has now transcended even the traditional super brand status of a company like Nike or Coca-Cola, and become something else entirely. It has become a cultural phenomenon all of its own, like nothing that has ever come before it. The Story That People Should Be Writing About Apple | The Technology Geek