If there’s a problem for Apple it’s that they’ve already invented the future. It’s a done deal. http://kickingbear.com/blog/archives/305

China produces goods for markets all over the world, including for its own consumers, thanks to low costs, a large and educated workforce, and a flexible manufacturing system that responds rapidly to market demands. To imagine that we have willed this universe into being is simply solipsistic. It is also demeaning to the workers. We […]

In thinking about our cash, we wanted to achieve several objectives: First, we want to maintain the flexibility to take advantage of investment opportunities that present themselves. Second, we want to provide some current income for our long-term shareholders. Third, we want to increase the attractiveness of Apple to a wider investor base. And finally, […]

I think Ira Glass could have dug a little deeper into why he and his team made that fatal error and broadcast the segment even though they could not fully check it with the translator. They could have adopted as a working hypothesis that such an error was years in the making, not an isolated […]

If you think this story is bigger than that story, something is wrong with your priorities. Mike Daisey: Reports of my Death have been Greatly Exaggerated. How does the saying go, “even an asshole has a point occasionally”?

It turns out the Apple public relations staffers did talk to reporters — always off the record — about Mike Daisey, pointing out inaccuracies in his account and suggesting that it was extremely unlikely that one man could have seen as much as Daisey claimed he saw in one trip to China. Among the journalists […]

The vast majority of workers in all industries work harder every day of the week than the vast majority of workers in the United States and other developed nations. That is a fact we must all confront, and which has been highlighted more in the last two years than the last two decades. It is […]

There is a counterpart to you in China who is looking at the iPhone and approving of the fact that its hardware is made in China, but disapproving of the fact that its software is made in California, where there is a racist government, hundreds of thousands of innocent people in jail, and where people […]

Software patents should be abolished, plain and simple. Software is already covered by copyright, making patent protection unnecessary. Ask any programmer — developing software is as creative and unique as writing poetry. A Patent Lie: How Yahoo Weaponized My Work by Andy Baio

Most of our competitors are interesting in doing something different, or want to appear new — I think those are completely the wrong goals. A product has to be genuinely better. Sir Jonathan Ive interviewed in the London Evening Standard