Beacon: Fire spotting for your Mac

Beacon detects problems before they cause data loss or unplanned downtime. With Beacon, your Mac sends me an alert at the first sign of an issue, so I can help you fix it right away.
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Macs at home, or in a small office, rarely have a dedicated IT staff looking after them. Beacon watches after your Mac and can raise an alarm before you even notice a problem.

Don’t wait until your Mac won’t start up to discover you need a new hard drive!

Beacon detects when:

  • Disk drives and RAIDs are failing
  • Malware is present
  • Backups haven’t run
  • Drives are too full
  • Laptop batteries need replacing
  • Network issues are causing errors
  • RAM is faulty
  • macOS has a crash or kernel panic

Beacon is a proactive health diagnostic agent that monitors Mac hardware and software. Over 100 lightweight tests run every hour, and Beacon alerts me to critical issues. Beacon also reports a Mac’s model, hardware specs, serial number, and version of macOS. This saves us time when troubleshooting, and helps us plan for upgrades.

Beacon does not let me see your screen or give me any access to your personal data.