Beacon Privacy Statement

With Beacon, Your Privacy Comes First

Beacon diagnostic software is designed to provide best-in-class issue detection with minimal access to personal data.

The following information is gathered about a computer:

  • Serial Number: the serial number helps us determine AppleCare warranty status with and gives us valuable information about the computer when problems arise.
  • Computer Name: The same name that is visible in:
    • Sharing PreferencePane (Mac)
    • System Control Panel (Windows)
    • Hostname (Linux)
  • User Name: The “short name” of the last user to log into the computer.
  • Online Backup Information: If online backups are monitored, the email address associated with online backup systems may be reported.

Beacon does not track the following types of information:

  • We cannot see the contents of your screen.
  • We cannot track keyboard or mouse activity.
  • We cannot inspect browser history, or other similar user actions.
  • Beacon never accesses data created by the user (pictures, documents).
  • Beacon does not collect log files, instead it only reports the results of health checks.
  • Beacon does not have access to the computer’s physical location.
  • Beacon does not install or update any other software on your computer.