Proactive Support Plans

Most IT services operate a lot like plumbers, auto mechanics, and appliance repair services — they wait by the phone for your technology to break, and that’s when they get paid.

Ask Adam takes a different approach: proactive support.

We work with you to design stable, high performing systems, and we partner with you to keep them that way.

We don’t want your Macs to break!

We offer a unique set of programs designed to prevent issues by keeping your Macs secure, up to date, and healthy. Beacon detects potential issues as early as possible so that we can address issues before they become disasters. With Beacon Plus, you get monitoring, plus we take care of software updates, system maintenance, and security.


24/7 fire spotting for your Mac

Beacon is our most popular plan. A lightweight diagnostic tool, Beacon checks your Mac for problems so that we can take action before you are in serious trouble. Beacon’s tests keep an eye on hard drive capacity and health, backup status, battery capacity, system uptime, and more.

When Beacon spots a problem, we’re alerted immediately, and we contact you with a solution.

Beacon starts at $15/month, with a $10 setup fee, billed to any major credit or debit card.

We think Beacon is an amazing value, and we’re so confident you’ll agree that we offer a free 30-day trial and a 60-day money back guarantee. There’s no long-term contract, so you’re not locked into anything. You can cancel at any time.

Beacon subscribers also receive free email support — and a discounted hourly rate!

Beacon Plus

24/7 monitoring, maintenance, and security

Beacon Plus provides the same diagnostic monitoring as Beacon, plus:

  • software and security updates
  • malware removal
  • filesystem repair and system maintenance

A lot of people are unsure about which updates are safe to install and when it’s okay to install them. With Beacon+, we automatically update your Mac at the right time — generally a week or two after an update is first released, during which time we make sure things are working properly for the early adopters. This means you no longer have to wonder what to do each time an update is available.

Beacon+ also detects and removes viruses and malware, and performs regular maintenance of the filesystem.

By keeping your Mac updated and well-maintained, Beacon+ prevents many of the most common issues we see, saving time (and money) when you do need support.

Beacon+ is $29/month, and additional Macs are $15/month each.

Beacon+ subscribers also receive free email support and a discounted hourly rate!


Flat-rate concierge IT support.
Prime is available by invitation only.


BeaconBeacon PlusPrime
diagnosticsdiagnostics + updates, maintenance, & protectioncomplete outsourced IT
$15/mo$29/mofrom $99/mo
Malware detectionMalware detectionMalware detection
Remote support1Billed in six-minute incrementsRemote support2Billed in six-minute increments. No charge for issues resolved in 15 minutesRemote support3No additional charge
Discounted hourly rateDiscounted hourly rateDiscounted hourly rate
Equipment recycling w/secure eraseEquipment recycling w/secure eraseEquipment recycling w/secure erase
Free purchasing guidanceFree purchasing guidanceFree purchasing guidance
Remote supportRemote supportRemote support
 Malware removalMalware removal
 Managed software updatesManaged software updates
 Scheduled maintenanceScheduled maintenance
 Cloud backups
  Shared password vault
  Free repair management (limited to Philly metro clients)
  45 minutes support per month included
1 Mac: $15/mo1 Mac: $29/moStarting at $99/mo
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Support Plan pricing is for personal and home office support.